Control from anywhere

Radio Thermostat is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with your lifestyle. Download the iOS or Android app for free, or login online.


Automatically uses your smartphone's geolocation to adjust your heating and cooling to save energy when you're away. Connect everyone's smartphone to the same thermostat too for family and guests.

One touch to save
One touch to save energy while you're on the go. At-a-glance feedback shows your potential savings as you change the temperature. Even shows you the temperature outside.

Quick preferences
Scheduling is a chore. Learning takes weeks. With built-in preferences, Radio Thermostat adjusts its Energy Star recommended settings with the ease of drag and drop control.

Connect all your places
One app for all your thermostats, whether it's a second thermostat upstairs, or a vacation home across the country.

Share with family & guests
Radio Thermostat can be shared with family, guests, house sitters, and anyone else you invite. And when your guests leave, it's just as easy to unshare until the next time they visit.

Temperature alerts
Sends you notifications if the temperature gets too cold or too hot.

Remembers what happens
Runtime Reports will show you when your system was running. Your HVAC repairman will thank you.

Customizes your comfort
Automatically adjusts its heat pump recovery based on the fuel type to maximize efficiency. Dual recovery control and variable differential give you the ultimate in comfort customization when heating and cooling with a heat pump.

Precise control
Customizable comfort controls that give you precise control over swing and temperature calibration.