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Utilities, Partners, Integrators, and OEM Customers

Radio Thermostat Company of America is committed to working with leading utilities and integrators to develop comprehensive solutions for demand response and energy efficiency programs. Our thermostats can be customized for any application - from simple branding to complete industrial design. Our wide distribution channel can facilitate product availability through retail and installer channels in nearly any geograhic area.


In addition to thermostats, Radio Thermostat Company of America is positioned to become part of any AMI or Demand Response solution.  As founders of the USNAP Alliance , we want to give our Utility partners the utmost flexibility in both selecting a communications technology today and being prepared to upgrade and migrate to new technologies as they become available. Currently, we have USNAP radios in the following formats: ZigBee (Smart Energy and Home Automation), Z-Wave, WiFi, and RDS (one way FM). With multiple USNAP ports, our thermostats are even capable of bridging between networks.


In general, thermostats sold at retail locations generate a large volume of technical support calls. We are the only thermostat company that has a call center open 365 days a year. This call center is staffed in the USA by trained technicians - not script readers. Our call center hosts a variety of services from basic consumer support to second or third tier professional installer support.


For testing and development facilitation, we offer a number of tools and software to begin integration development.  Tools can be purchased from our online store


For more information, please contact us at or (415) 358-4611