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Firmware Upgrade


      We are excited to tell you that we’ve upgraded the software for your thermostat. If you have not yet upgraded your thermostat, you can do so via the mobiles app (iPhone and Android) as well as via the website.

      To upgrade your firmware using your iPhone or Android device, open up the Rad Stat App and click on settings. Then click on where it says “Thermostat Configured” (on the Details button) and select the thermostat you wish to upgrade. Next click on the “Upgrade Firmware” button and the app will take care of the rest.

      To upgrade your firmware using the web, log into your account at or Click on the Manage Devices button at the top of the screen, then click on the settings button for the thermostat you wish to upgrade. Next press the link to upgrade your firmware. The system will automatically upgrade your firmware and send you email notifications on the progress.

      The changes in this firmware are designed to help address a number of features and improvements. There is now a wider number of options for Wi-Fi network security. In addition, we have worked diligently to improve network connectivity in harsh Wi-Fi environments. For a complete list of improvements click here

Mobile Apps Android/iPhone


      Great news from our mobile apps team, our Android app is now available from the Android Market

        Our mobile apps give you control of your thermostat right at your finger tips. With the native application for both the iPhone and Android you’ll always be a click away from saving energy (or changing the temperature from the couch).

Partners Program


        Thermostat for Windows is a PC application that will give you control of your thermostat from your Windows PC on your local network. It keeps a window in the system tray that shows you the target temperature in the task bar, and with a quick click, you can change all of your thermostat’s settings.

        Radio Thermostat is so excited that the developer community can take advantage of our hardware to come up with great products like Thermostat for Windows! Please keep us posted on your developments, and we can highlight you in our next newsletter!

Advanced Technical Information


      For all you hackers and developers - we’re publishing the API to control the thermostat!!!

        We are so excited about the ground swell of enthusiasm from the developer community anxious for the official release of the Radio Thermostat API.

        The Radio Thermostat API is intended for use on local networks to command and control your thermostat. Please read accept the TERMS OF USE before getting started:

        I Accept the terms of Use

If you do not yet own a Wi-Fi Radio Thermostat and would like to purchase one, we welcome you to visit: You can also visit your local Home Depot or