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I connect my 3M-50 thermostat to my WiFi network, but now I cannot control with my iPhone or the webpage. Verify Power is connected to your Thermostat.

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Before you Begin

Things to Prepare before Programming the Thermostat
How to turn on & off your circuit breaker.

Powering your thermostat - C Wire

C Wire - Why you need one with a communicating thermostat
C Wire - How to connect an unused wire as a C wire
C Wire - How to use the G wire as a C wire
C Wire - How to power the thermostat via an external transformer
C Wire - How to power the thermostat via an additional transformer
C Wire - How to test to see if it is working properly

Connecting your thermostat to the network

Where to down load WiFi enabled Radio Thermostat app to iPhone
Finding the IP address of the WiFi thermostat
How to provision WiFi U-Snap module via your iPhone
How to register & use your WiFi enabled thermostat with your iPhone
Lost communications on the WiFi thermostat
Hard Reset of 3M50 & CT30

Other Filtrete 3M50 Support Videos

Filtrete 3M50 requirements for WiFi connectivity
Were to down load WiFI set-up guide
What is Temporary Mode?
How to install the batteries
How to replace the covers
How to install a USNAP module
How to change from standard screen to simple screen
How to program the Filtrete 3M50 thermostat
How to set the thermostat to work with non-heat pump systems
How to switch from heat to cool & operate the fan
How to set the thermostat to work with heat pump systems
How to activate the holiday program
How to put the thermostat in manual mode
How to Save energy with this thermostat
How to set day and time
How to remove the covers
Tutorial on Fahrenheit/Celsius Lock Chrip Calibration and Swing
Recommended Battery Type

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